Core workout for Cylists

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This booklet is specifically designed to assist cyclists to become stronger at the stomach and back over a 19 week period. It is aimed at those who wish to improve their core stability using a progressive approach to training.

In our daily lives we perform many actions using our body including sitting, lying, movement and sport. All of these actions use the midsection to carryout these movements. In most cases our modern lives do not work out midsection full and it becomes weak. This weakness then leads onto muscles imbalances and then back pain.

I believe we can help to reduce or eliminate back pain from our lives by training the midsection or ‘core’ muscles to be stronger and have greater resilience to the strain we place on them by our lifestyle and participation in sport. This also has a knock on effect into old age where if we look after our core muscles and our overall joint health then we will be better in better condition for later on in life.

This booklet should be only one part of a programme that improves your health and well being for the better. Remember that the more you look after your body the better performance on the bike; this core workout programme should help one of these areas. You should also be concerned with your diet, training programme, mental preparation, flexibility programme and also ensuring that you receive regular massage. All these points will make you stronger and healthier and will have a positive effect on your physical ability on the bike.

Designed by Dan Bennett