The Progressive Cycle Coaching Journey

Mountain Bike Coaching

Dan Bennett's Passion for Sports Training

Since 1992, Dan Bennett's passion for sports training has been driving him to create effective training programs for cycling, rowing, and triathlon. His dedication led him to pursue a degree in Sports Science, where he specialized in sports coaching, exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport psychology, and sports injury rehabilitation. After completing his degree, he channeled his expertise into building a thriving cycle coaching business, which forms the foundation of this website.

Accreditation and Expertise

As an accredited British Cycling Tutor, Dan has coached talented team riders for British Cycling, as well as professional and national-level riders in road racing, time trials, and mountain biking. He is a British Cycling Club coach and has plans to pursue further education through an MSc in Sports Coaching to enhance the cycling performance of his clients.

Philosophy of Progression

Progressive Cycle Coaching revolves around the core philosophy of tailoring highly individualized and progressive training programs to each client's goals. Dan firmly believes that customized programs are the key to achieving diverse goals, whether it's fat loss or enhanced cycling performance.

Optimizing Training Time

Maximizing the effectiveness of every training session is a fundamental aspect of Dan's approach. Recognizing the constraints of limited time and the pursuit of optimal results, he employs a periodized approach in designing training programs. This method ensures safe and scientifically proven progress.

Holistic Approach to Development

Dan emphasizes that development stems from a comprehensive approach. Consultation, precise exercise prescription, continuous reassessment, psychological support, rest, and nutrition collectively contribute to clients' growth. Moreover, fostering open communication with clients and providing unlimited coach access further enhances rider development.

Supporting Cycling Development

Dan proudly sponsored multiple cycling teams, nurturing riders from novice to professional levels. His commitment to rider growth is unwavering.

Striving Towards Goals

Ultimately, Dan believes that achieving goals requires dedication, hard work, commitment, and at times, sacrifices. The road to success starts by taking action.

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