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Welcome To Progressive Cycle Coaching - Your Path to Cycling Excellence!

Discover the transformative power of training with Dan Bennett, a revelation to cyclists like Linda Regel.

As your dedicated coach, Dan designs personalized cycling training programs tailored to your racing and training aspirations. Our programs encompass a spectrum of training, racing, and lifestyle guidance, each meticulously crafted to meet your individual needs. Alternatively, you can choose from our selection of Ultremi Pre-made plans.

Don't navigate your training journey alone; let Dan be your guiding light!

Ultremi Intro Training Plan

Unlock Your Potential with the Ultremi Intro Training Plan: Join the ranks of over 300 cyclists who've harnessed fitness the Progressive Way – and now it's YOUR turn. Our cutting-edge Ultremi Intro Plan PDF Booklet is your key to:

  • Cycling prowess through a scientifically designed process
  • Effortless understanding with its user-friendly approach
  • Perfect for novice riders aiming high
  • Tap into professional coaching experience for unmatched results
  • Strengthen your cycling muscles
  • Keep up with faster riding groups
  • Ascend with newfound speed and confidence
  • Master bike handling with heightened core strength
  • Optimal results with 5 to 10 hours of weekly riding

Embark on Your Journey with Ultremi Intro Training Plan: Weeks 1 to 4 - Start your transformation for just £9.99 (formerly £15)

Looking for The Next Step? Discover Ultremi Intro Training Plan: Weeks 5 to 20 - Elevate your progress for £40

Or Seize the Full Transformation with Ultremi Intro Training Plan: Weeks 1 to 20 - Get all 20 weeks at just £50 (originally £55)

Explore Our Community and Gear Up with Progressive Cycle Coaching Cycle Wear: Join us and become a part of our cycling family.


Ultremi Intro Training Plan Weeks 1 to 4

Intro Training Plan Wks 1 to 4

Start Your Journey. £15


Ultremi Intro Training Plan Weeks 5 to 20

Intro Training Plan Wks 5 to 20

The Next Step. £40.

Ultremi Intro Training Plan Weeks 1 to 20

Buy All 20 Weeks.

£50 Not £55

Progressive Cycle Coaching Cycle Wear

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Training Programmes

Unlock More with Our Training Programs: For those seeking added guidance, our Performer and Elite training plans are custom-designed to align with your event goals. Choose from flexible monthly or comprehensive 11-month plans:

  • 11 Month PERFORMER Training Program: £799.99
  • 11 Month Yearly ELITE Training Program: £999.99
  • ELITE Training Programme (monthly): £99.99
  • PERFORMER Training Programme (monthly): £79.99

Your journey to cycling excellence begins here. Join us and redefine your cycling experience with Progressive Cycle Coaching.

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