1. How long does it take for me to get my programme?

It normally takes 7 to 10 working days for clients to recieve their training programmes after the required information has been recieved from the client.

Once the information has been recieved Dan will analyse your information and design your individual training programme based upon your goals and trained state.

The website will then be updated with your section of the client area and you will be notifed of your personal passwords.

2. What payment options do I have?

You can pay by

Credit card/direct debit via paypal through this site.

Just simply click on the payment icons in the shop and follow the Paypal payment instructions. Please be aware that Paypal is secure and is a world-wide trusted payment system.

Training Programmes

For training programmes you will pay by subscription either every 12 weeks (INTRA programme) or monthly (PERFORMER and ELITE programmes). The payment will be taken from your designated account automatically.

You can cancel your subcription at anytime by pressing the Cancel Subscription button.


Any product bought from the shop that is not a training programme will be paid by Credit card/direct debit via Paypal.

Simply click on the payment icons in the shop and follow the Paypal payment instructions. Please be aware that Paypal is secure and is a world-wide trusted payment system.

Once payment has been received your product will be shipped to you with in 7 to 10 working days. Online products such as the Flexibility Training Programme will available immediately through a direct link to download page where you can access the download instantly.

3. Is this site secure?

Yes this site is secure it is hosted by Absolute Website who are on a secure server. All payments are processed through Paypal which is secure worldwide payment system.

4. How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your training programme subscription simply press on the Cancel Subscription button. This will instantly cancel your subcription and your access to the client area will cease when the current paid period ends.

All other payments on this site are one off payments where no subcription is required!

5. Does Progressive Cycle Coaching do anything else?

Yes, in addition to the services provided PCC also provides the following.


  • Training for Cycling Presentations
  • Nutrition for Cycling Presentations
  • Psychological Preperation for Racing Presentation

These presentations are available at only £75 per presentation plus traveling costs. All presentations are presented using a projector and laptop. Handouts and a question and answers session are free in the fee.

Nutritional analysis

Analysis of food intake and energy expenditure and recommedations for sport and lifestyle change using the FUEL analysis programme. You will receive a full report on your intake of energy, vitamin/minerals and liquids. Energy expenditure will also be calculated and compared to your intake then reccommedations will be made for modifications to your intake to maximise your sports performance.

6. I would like a combination of programmes, is this possible?

Yes, please contact me and I will be happy to place together a programme based upon your needs.

7. What is Progressive Cycle Coaching's Drugs Policy?

At Progressive Cycle Coaching we do have a policy on 'Drug Use in Sport'. We fully and actively support the World Anti Doping Agency and the International Olympic Commitee on their current policy of no drugs in sport.

As cycling coaches we are ethically required to look after the overall health of our clients and promote fair play in sport. We would support the regular testing of all athletes and support DNA testing of athletes.

We believe that any athlete who has been proven to have actively used performance enhancing substances of any kind should be banned for the applicible time from sport.

We should all be competing on a level playing field where all athletes perform at the limits of their physical ability and not artifically enhanced by medicine.

8. What does Subscription Mean?

Subscription is where you pay your fee automatically at intervals of

12 weeks for the INTRA programme

1 month for the PERFORMER programme

1 month for the ELITE programme

Please keep this in mind when your next payment is due. You need to do nothing for the next payment to be made.

You can of course cancel your subcription at any time. To do this click on the cancel subscription button on the training programme page you originally signed up on. Alternatively you can contact Dan direct and he will cancel it for you.