About Us

Dan Bennett has been interested in sports training since 1992, through the development of his own training programmes for cycling, rowing and triathlon. This initial interest led him to read for a Sports Science Degree. He specialized in sports coaching, exercise physiology biomechanics, sport psychology, sports injury and rehabilitation. Since completing his degree he has been busy building a cycle coaching business, which is now outlined in this site.

He is an accredited British Cycling Tutor and has also coached talented team riders for British Cycling, professional and national level riders for road, time trial, MTB and is a British Cycling Club coach. Dan plans to continue his education in the form of an Msc in Sports Coaching within the next few years, aiming to produce improved cycling performance for all his clients.

The key philosophy of Dan and Progressive Cycle Coaching is to promote the attainment of a client’s goals through highly individualised and progressive training programmes. Dan believes that individualised programmes are the only way to achieve the goals of an individual, whether the goals are to lose fat mass or to improve cycling performance.

Making every training session count is also a key requirement of Dan's programmes as we all have minimal time and require maximal results. He uses a periodised approach to every rider's training programme ensuring that the client's programme progresses in a safe and scientifically proven manner.

He believes that through consultation, exercise prescription, continual reassessment, psychological assistance, rest and nutrition, these developments will take place. Additionally all clients should also have unlimited access to their coach at any time improving communication and rider development.

He is a proud sponsor of the One Life Developmet Squad and assists in the development of these riders from novice towards professional level.

Finally, hard work, commitment and in some cases sacrifice will help us all to achieve our goals, so lets get out on the road and do it!

Contact us at enquiries@progressivecyclecoaching.co.uk

Telephone: 07791209927