Training Camps, Sportives and Trips

If you'd like us to organise your training camp or sportive trip, ust get in touch and we'll do it all for you.

On our sportive trips they will enable you to ride some of the worlds biggest, most famous cycling mountains and allow us to get to know each other better on these limited number trips. There are only 10 places per trip so please book early especially for La Marmotte as it fills up very quickly.

Before you sign up for a trip it is recommended you read our terms and conditions.

Our happy clients came along to La Ronde du Picardie sportive and La Ventoux sportives kindly wrote these words about their experiences.

‘In my experience a sportive abroad isn’t usually so stress free. So how can it be a great challenge but relaxing at the same time? Well it's down to Dan’s organisational skills and advice. The whole trip was brilliantly planned and just the right pace. We knew what we were doing and when and importantly what the strategy on race day was. Dan had us thoroughly prepared for the race (reminder - I must get that training programme) relaxed, fuelled and well versed in the course. Plenty of great food on and off the bike with exactly the right amount of well crafted recovery and post race banter.‘

Simon Hughes (Gold medal winner!!)

The trip was well organised with impeccable catering and accommodation. (excluding my odd roommate ha ha)

Dan provided all participants with loads of useful tips and information. We had plenty of time for a pre event ride and recognisance of some of the tricky (both technical descents and the challenging climbs and final run in to finish) parts of the course which helped tremendously in the event itself. After a dip in the pool we had time to discuss our objectives for the next day and finalise feeding and ride strategies. We also worked out target completion times and an accurate time schedule for the course giving indicators of being up or down on the target time. This combined with the production of water proof pocket cards with distance and profile enabled me to follow my schedule and hit my target time. In fact improve it by about 10 mins. The card caused many a jealous look as I dig it out every now and then to see when the next down hill or feed would be. We had a few laughs and some great food as well.

The tip was good value and Dan is both informative from is coaching and his obvious experience as a rider and very flexible. He was able to accommodate my alternative traveling arrangements with no problem.

I would definitely go on this or similar trips again with him or his company

James Stone

"I prepared for 6 months for climbing Ventoux by following a superb training plan from Dan Bennett at As a result of this, the climb was pretty easy and I was able to ride along quite happily, singing along to my ipod. Lots of interesting flowers en route, especially when you get to the top part of the climb. I saw tiny purple pansies growing out of the rocks, and I wasn't hallucinating! I think the keys to the climb are lots of training, lots of patience and lots of water. Good Luck!"

Linda Regel

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