11 Month Yearly ELITE Training Program

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11 Month Yearly ELITE Training Program

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This 11 month ELITE programme is designed for the individual who wants to get the most out of their training. The ELITE training programme will help you to increase take your fitness to the next level.


This 11 month ELITE training programme is designed for the individual who wants to get the most out of their training and will help you to increase your fitness whilst take it to the next level.

Using Training Peaks your plan will come in an easy to read format, it will be laid out on a daily basis, have a session plan to explanation on how to carry out each training session and enable you to download your session onto your phone or tablet.

Your goals, availability to train and current fitness levels will set the layout of your plan. Your plan will include a flexibility programme, race nutrition advice and a set of 4 power based test to produce a performance profile for you to check out your improvements in fitness.

Your plan will include the use of power outputs and heart rate for exercise prescription, stomach and back workouts, flexibility training, lifestyle analysis, nutritional recommendations on and off the bike, physiological testing for identification of your strengths and weaknesses, full race preparation in regard to goals for each event, weight training programme and increased contact with Dan to ensure that you get the most out of your programme.

With greater feedback and increased contact time with Dan you will receive a training programme that is more individualized and tailored to your lifestyle.

To allow Dan to assess your training adaptation you will need to fill out a daily training diary on Training Peaks and on a Monday or Tuesday Dan will give you his feed back on your training efforts. If needed, changes to the programme can be made on a weekly basis to allow for changes in your week and work shift pattern.

You would be required to fill out a medical questionnaire, goal sheet and riding style questionnaire for accurate prescription of training.

Services IncludedExplanation of service
Goal settingsGoals based upon training phase, week, race, training, race performance and power/heart rate
Training PrescriptionBased upon heart rate and wattage output.
Training DiaryDaily training diary prescription for monitoring adaptations to training
Stomach and Back workoutProduced to improve core stability and stomach and back strength.
Flexibility TrainingProduced to improve flexibility in tight muscles in the body
Power/Heart rate training zonesIndividually calculated based upon data available from on the bike power tests or minimum and maximal heart rate.
Client to coach contact (Daily)Clients may contact Dan via phone or email.
Coach to Client Contact (once every 2 weeks)Dan will contact the client on a weekly basis to liaise about training.
Lifestyle auditProduce a lifestyle audit to highlight training availability
Physiological monitoring assessed (weekly)Training data analyzed weekly based upon information supplied by the client and modification of the training plan once a week.
Psychological analysis and race preparationAnalysis of the clients mental state by questionnaire and designing a pre race and race plan for peak races.
Race Nutritional adviceAdvice on how to eat prior to, during and after a race
Nutritional recommendationsNutritional report on how to eat during the time off the bike in regard to increased health and well being.
Physiological TestingA series of 4 different tests to identify strengths and weaknesses for exercise prescription performed monthly.
Full training review every monthA review of the training programme including goal reassessment and adaptation
Weights training prescriptionWeight training prescription for every training session to be carried out in a gym environment
11 month fee payable by Paypal Payment11 months programme. £1299
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