PERFORMER Training Programme (Monthly)

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PERFORMER Training Programme (Monthly)

Experience Personalized Cycling Coaching with Dan: Elevate your cycling journey with tailored guidance and input from Dan. Our program, powered by Training Peaks, delivers clear daily training plans with session details and execution instructions.

Track your fitness progress through power-based tests, flexible plans, and expert race nutrition advice. Stay connected with Dan for weekly consultations, adapt your plan based on feedback, and enjoy open communication. Achieve your goals with customized training, comprehensive reviews, and constant progress.

Join now for £79.99/month via PayPal. Your cycling success begins here.

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This program is tailored for riders who seek personalized guidance and direct input from Dan.

Through the use of Training Peaks, your training plan will be presented in a clear and accessible format, organized on a daily basis. It will provide session details along with instructions on how to execute each training session, and you'll have the convenience of downloading sessions to your mobile device or tablet.

The structure of your plan will be shaped by your specific goals, training availability, and current fitness level. It encompasses a flexibility regimen, expert advice on race nutrition, and a series of four power-based tests designed to create a comprehensive performance profile, allowing you to track your fitness progress.

For effective assessment of your training adaptation, maintaining a daily training diary on Training Peaks is essential. Every Monday or Tuesday, you'll receive detailed feedback from Dan on your training efforts. Adjustments to the program can be accommodated weekly to accommodate shifts in your schedule or work commitments.

To ensure precise training prescription, you'll be required to complete a medical questionnaire, a goal sheet, and a riding style questionnaire.

Included Services:

  1. Goal Setting: Customized goals aligned with training phase and race objectives.
  2. Training Prescription: Based on power or heart rate data to optimize training effectiveness.
  3. Training Diary: A daily training journal using Training Peaks for monitoring and adaptation.
  4. Flexibility Training: Designed to enhance flexibility in targeted muscle groups.
  5. Power/Heart Rate Training Zones: Personalized zones determined from on-bike power tests or heart rate data.
  6. Client-to-Coach Contact (Daily): Open communication with Dan through phone or email.
  7. Coach-to-Client Contact: Weekly consultations with Dan to discuss training progress.
  8. Race Nutrition Advice: Expert guidance on pre-race, during-race, and post-race nutrition.
  9. Physiological Testing: Monthly comprehensive testing to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  10. Full Training Review (Every 2 Months): In-depth review of training program, goal assessment, and adaptation.
  11. Monthly Payment: Payment of £79.99 via PayPal for ongoing access to the program.

Join this program and experience a cycling journey marked by individualized coaching, meticulous planning, and continuous progress towards your goals.

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